Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catch Ya Later

Idk why I cant stop listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift.
She knows real life better, turn it into some old fairytale still, its addictable.
Im going to UiTM, I'll update my blog later since I didnt bring my lappy along.

To zharif : Adik, balik before 7, take a good care of mama, & our dad as well.
To kiki : Gws. Ily.
To alya : Happy Birthday senget!

Oh oh, I did this thing dekat my almari, to keep me staying in my college or else, i rather go home, every single day. Theres a lot more actually. Yaya, gambar kau pun ade la gemok, jangan risau!


My butt just dont wanna get out from home, malas nak balik college. With all the assignments & quizzes. Bodoh Babi Bangang!