Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Born

I just got myself a lil baby sister yesterday.
Congrats to mama as well.
Cant write much, in class, bye bye.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back From Penang.

1stly, alhamdulillah, everythings fine, goin smooth.
Its just sometimes, the side effect is hurting too much, im holy choke.

Before goin to a.s, mama decided to go to sunway carnival, at 10.30 a.m, its in the MORNING.
I was like, "Ma, its CNY, makhluk mana nak bukak sunway for us?"
She's like, "I was born in Penang, I know how they work here."
Fine fine.
So we went there.
Sumpah seronok sebab its just us in the mall. My parents, me & my lil bro.
Boleh lompat2, screaming here & there, buat tarian bogel pun boleh, theres no one, except the workers la kannn.

Since Im broke, so, say hello to window shopping, more like, WIDOW shopping for me.

Then when we were heading to as, I asked mama.
"How to spell sympathy?"
"S-Y-M-P-A-T-H-Y I guess"
"Yea, I was thinking the same" I said.
"Its S-Y-M-P-H-A-T-Y la nabila, dont be so idiota" said my bro.
So we quarrel over a word for almost half an hour. Truly idiots.

Congrats to zet for a band 4. Eventho shes not satisfied, its a good start for her tho. (:


Currently studying the cute lil moves.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catch Ya Later

Idk why I cant stop listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift.
She knows real life better, turn it into some old fairytale still, its addictable.
Im going to UiTM, I'll update my blog later since I didnt bring my lappy along.

To zharif : Adik, balik before 7, take a good care of mama, & our dad as well.
To kiki : Gws. Ily.
To alya : Happy Birthday senget!

Oh oh, I did this thing dekat my almari, to keep me staying in my college or else, i rather go home, every single day. Theres a lot more actually. Yaya, gambar kau pun ade la gemok, jangan risau!


My butt just dont wanna get out from home, malas nak balik college. With all the assignments & quizzes. Bodoh Babi Bangang!

The First Survey Ever

Your name?
- Most of my friends call me Bella, Naiem calls me Billa, Qyla calls me Kiki, Zeta calls me Nenek sometimes, Ajim calls me Bell, Ila calls me Belon, Pi calls me When & the list goes on. New comers, pick one. (:

You are listening to _____ right now.
- Gotta Tell You by Samantha Mumba.

Clothes that you are wearing right now?
- Pyjama

How is your day today?
- Typically not-so-fine. Didnt done my assignment yet. Wondering why kiki didnt text me yet. Feels like dont wanna leave home since mama is not in a good condition.

You have a career?
- Yea, I guess so.

What is it?
- Gimme 10bucks then I'll tell.

Anything to say about your career?
- Fame & popularity bring us nowhere, trust me.

Do you have a boyfriend?
- No, but I do have a soulmate.

What is his name?
- Kiki.

You like to see him in?
- His light cream baju melayu. Comel wey.

He is the type of guy that ______?
- SLEEPS LIKE HE IS IN COMA! Haha. He is the type of guy that can leads me to a brighter future. I trust him, & I need him to trust me too.

Enjoying your life?
- Not so. Life must go on. Pfftt!

Do you have secrets?
- Yea silly.

What is it?
- & if I tell you, will it be a secret anymore? Bangang!

When you had a fight, you listen to?
- I Hate This Part Right Here by Nicole Scherzinger.

Your favourite perfume?
- Provocative Interlude by Elizabeth Arden & Still by JLo.

You love to?
- Dance like theres no tomorrow.

Your favourite song currently?
- Insatiable by Darren Hayes.

When is your last haircut?
- Before the operation.

Do you have any regrets?
- Yes of course.

The last person who texted you?
- Madiha. Shes havin somekind of muslimah night. A big
HAHA to her.

Are you a good dancer?
- Hopin to be one.

Favourite sports team?
- Tak minat sports sangat, Man U pun boleh la.

When is the last time you vommit?
- Cant really remember the date, all I know, I vommit a lot these past 3 weeks.

When you miss somebody, what will you do?
- Call 'em.

When somebody disappointed you, what will you do?
- Cry. Cry alone. Cry till this tears dont even feel like coming out anymore.

List out 6 names of your classmates.
- Zeta
- Atikah
- Ain
- Jijah
- Husna
- Zaty

You are good at?
- Making silly faces.

What do you want to say?
- Avoiding someone is not the best way to solve any problem. Use your brain wisely, & fast.

Last word?
- Bye bye bitches.

Pissed Off

& you know why is that so?

Yesterday I went out for breakfast with jijah, one of my classmates, near KTM at Arau of course.
Since my tummy cant really be receiving any rice, so I took only a bit of rice, fried chicken & a fried fish. ++ with iced milo.
& guess how much it costs me?
Its not like the foods was too good, & certainly its not a FIVE STAR hotel hellohh!
So my face was turning into an alien, so did jijah.
"Ikan ayam sekarang mahal dikkk!" that stupid makcik said dengan muka tak bersalah.
I was like, gth la makcik, mentang2 aku tak kerja dekat pasar, it doesnt mean like I didnt know the latest price of everything.

"Jijah, kita kena makan slow2, jangan makan cepat2, makanan mahal ni, rugi makan cepat2!" I said.
"Kita tak boleh tinggal sebutir pun nasik, rugiiii ohh" said Jijah.

So we ate. & then, theres a boy which happens to be the waiter, terpelanting nak terjatuh di belakang aku.
I tried my best not to laugh but but, a minute later, me & jijah burst out. Nonstop pulak tuu, celaka betul kami.

We continue eating, like I said, we have to eat it slow, like, realllll slowwww.
Then suddenly the waiter said hye to me while waving his hand & goshhh, that waiter wears somekind of ugly mask, & I was like, "arghhhh"! Sumpah hodoh macam babi.
Then they all laughed at me while saying "Tu laaa, gelak dekat kami lagi."
Revenge la konon, sikit aku tak kisah bodoh.

Then I received this while Im eating.


& the picture below it, thats what I gave them back.
Its not easy for me to just passed my number around, im not that cheap baby. (:
Deal with it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009



U see her smiling dont u?

Now let me tell u something. She's having a lung infection right now, & she's in STAGE 2. & when u reach STAGE 4, that means, u are no longer living in the planet earth.
Aku sakit, im still young for this.
When I've heard that Im already in stage two, I feel like, theres no hope for me, anymore, at all.
Kenapa tak mati kan aku terus, kenapa nk seksa aku dulu?
So Ive decided to let myself die, slowly. I drink lots of cokes without any food for the whole day, thinking that, that much gases will make me die slowly.

So I went to my matriculation college today. I need my kak anis, abg pally, abg rino, kiki & one of my closest friend there, diela.
Abg rino was like, torturing me by saying that Im gonna die sooner or later. Kak Anis is busy with her phone, kiki dont wanna meet me, diela keep asking me to be strong & abg pally was always there. I act like Im not sick at all. *eventho mmg sah2 diorang nampak aku batok macam nk mati besok subuh*

When its time for me to get back home, they make me cry.
They make me realize that eventho i dont love myself, THEY LOVE ME!
& now, Im gonna be strong, I'll try to, to live, for them.

P/S : Im going for check ups, to see whether I hv to go for operations asap or not.

Sick lil me.