Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"nabilla yg daku kenal. mcm budak2 di mana jua anda berada! ;p" posted by finie.
Somebody please teach me about maturity cause i really dont have a clue.

Teach me not to :

[x] cry in front of public
[x] makan ice cream comot2
[x] eat frieskies instead of twisties cause they sound the same.
[x] jerit2 when i see a cockcroach
[x] ask anis to bath me, to comb my hair, to feed me with magi
[x] kiss my friends in front of publics while the pakcik makcik are staring at me
[x] call my mum to just say, "maaa, lapar spageti mama masakkkkk" then i hung up, macam babi bangang kan?
[x] dance in the rain. macam mentel je org sekeliling tgk but but, i dont know why i dont care about their ugly thoughts.
[x] call my dad and said, 'i miss your money, bank in sket boley?' sungguh durhaka kan?
[x] sleep while im on call
[x] sepak & tumbok kiki, kesian die oh.
[x] waste my time, & my money.
[x] sing all those britney old songs anymore.
[x] miss my cat, oddy. i cried when he crossed my mind.
bodoh, dah mati tu mati je laa bangang.
[x] love somebody, because it hurts.