Saturday, January 3, 2009



U see her smiling dont u?

Now let me tell u something. She's having a lung infection right now, & she's in STAGE 2. & when u reach STAGE 4, that means, u are no longer living in the planet earth.
Aku sakit, im still young for this.
When I've heard that Im already in stage two, I feel like, theres no hope for me, anymore, at all.
Kenapa tak mati kan aku terus, kenapa nk seksa aku dulu?
So Ive decided to let myself die, slowly. I drink lots of cokes without any food for the whole day, thinking that, that much gases will make me die slowly.

So I went to my matriculation college today. I need my kak anis, abg pally, abg rino, kiki & one of my closest friend there, diela.
Abg rino was like, torturing me by saying that Im gonna die sooner or later. Kak Anis is busy with her phone, kiki dont wanna meet me, diela keep asking me to be strong & abg pally was always there. I act like Im not sick at all. *eventho mmg sah2 diorang nampak aku batok macam nk mati besok subuh*

When its time for me to get back home, they make me cry.
They make me realize that eventho i dont love myself, THEY LOVE ME!
& now, Im gonna be strong, I'll try to, to live, for them.

P/S : Im going for check ups, to see whether I hv to go for operations asap or not.

Sick lil me.