Sunday, January 18, 2009

The First Survey Ever

Your name?
- Most of my friends call me Bella, Naiem calls me Billa, Qyla calls me Kiki, Zeta calls me Nenek sometimes, Ajim calls me Bell, Ila calls me Belon, Pi calls me When & the list goes on. New comers, pick one. (:

You are listening to _____ right now.
- Gotta Tell You by Samantha Mumba.

Clothes that you are wearing right now?
- Pyjama

How is your day today?
- Typically not-so-fine. Didnt done my assignment yet. Wondering why kiki didnt text me yet. Feels like dont wanna leave home since mama is not in a good condition.

You have a career?
- Yea, I guess so.

What is it?
- Gimme 10bucks then I'll tell.

Anything to say about your career?
- Fame & popularity bring us nowhere, trust me.

Do you have a boyfriend?
- No, but I do have a soulmate.

What is his name?
- Kiki.

You like to see him in?
- His light cream baju melayu. Comel wey.

He is the type of guy that ______?
- SLEEPS LIKE HE IS IN COMA! Haha. He is the type of guy that can leads me to a brighter future. I trust him, & I need him to trust me too.

Enjoying your life?
- Not so. Life must go on. Pfftt!

Do you have secrets?
- Yea silly.

What is it?
- & if I tell you, will it be a secret anymore? Bangang!

When you had a fight, you listen to?
- I Hate This Part Right Here by Nicole Scherzinger.

Your favourite perfume?
- Provocative Interlude by Elizabeth Arden & Still by JLo.

You love to?
- Dance like theres no tomorrow.

Your favourite song currently?
- Insatiable by Darren Hayes.

When is your last haircut?
- Before the operation.

Do you have any regrets?
- Yes of course.

The last person who texted you?
- Madiha. Shes havin somekind of muslimah night. A big
HAHA to her.

Are you a good dancer?
- Hopin to be one.

Favourite sports team?
- Tak minat sports sangat, Man U pun boleh la.

When is the last time you vommit?
- Cant really remember the date, all I know, I vommit a lot these past 3 weeks.

When you miss somebody, what will you do?
- Call 'em.

When somebody disappointed you, what will you do?
- Cry. Cry alone. Cry till this tears dont even feel like coming out anymore.

List out 6 names of your classmates.
- Zeta
- Atikah
- Ain
- Jijah
- Husna
- Zaty

You are good at?
- Making silly faces.

What do you want to say?
- Avoiding someone is not the best way to solve any problem. Use your brain wisely, & fast.

Last word?
- Bye bye bitches.

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