Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pissed Off

& you know why is that so?

Yesterday I went out for breakfast with jijah, one of my classmates, near KTM at Arau of course.
Since my tummy cant really be receiving any rice, so I took only a bit of rice, fried chicken & a fried fish. ++ with iced milo.
& guess how much it costs me?
Its not like the foods was too good, & certainly its not a FIVE STAR hotel hellohh!
So my face was turning into an alien, so did jijah.
"Ikan ayam sekarang mahal dikkk!" that stupid makcik said dengan muka tak bersalah.
I was like, gth la makcik, mentang2 aku tak kerja dekat pasar, it doesnt mean like I didnt know the latest price of everything.

"Jijah, kita kena makan slow2, jangan makan cepat2, makanan mahal ni, rugi makan cepat2!" I said.
"Kita tak boleh tinggal sebutir pun nasik, rugiiii ohh" said Jijah.

So we ate. & then, theres a boy which happens to be the waiter, terpelanting nak terjatuh di belakang aku.
I tried my best not to laugh but but, a minute later, me & jijah burst out. Nonstop pulak tuu, celaka betul kami.

We continue eating, like I said, we have to eat it slow, like, realllll slowwww.
Then suddenly the waiter said hye to me while waving his hand & goshhh, that waiter wears somekind of ugly mask, & I was like, "arghhhh"! Sumpah hodoh macam babi.
Then they all laughed at me while saying "Tu laaa, gelak dekat kami lagi."
Revenge la konon, sikit aku tak kisah bodoh.

Then I received this while Im eating.


& the picture below it, thats what I gave them back.
Its not easy for me to just passed my number around, im not that cheap baby. (:
Deal with it.


Umi Salmah said...

sape mamat mintak no tue???
budjet siot!!!
tu lar gelak kat org lagi

Bella. said...

Nanti aku cite wehh, sumpah tekentot2 punye lawak, bengang pun skalik. Setan gondol betol!

RastaMat said...